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Lake Blanche Trail – Salt Lake City, UT

June 13 and 15, 2016

This short trail just outside of Salt Lake City, UT was calling my name after a business trip out to SLC a few months back. I always stare at the mountains surrounding SLC every time I fly in, so I started researching quick trails on the side of town that I normally stay. Low and behold, there were a few near my usual hotel so I planned to hike the Lake Blanche trail on my next visit in June 2016.

I was in town for a conference and had some spare time on 2 different mornings to squeeze in a couple hours of hiking, so I packed a light daypack in my work suitcase including my ultralight fishing setup and tiny tackle kit, as well as my other hiking basics like my trusty Sawyer filter, empty SmartWater bottle from the airport, my basic ditty bag with small items and first aid, my inReach, a rain jacket, and not much else.

The weather was rainy and cloudy on the first day, but I still made good time up the trail. Having the cloudcover and the cool moist air made this a very pleasant hike, but lightning was a concern so I didn’t stay up top for long at all. Back down the all-downhill return to the parking area and off to the hotel to shower and change into my work gear.

The second hike up the same trail 2 mornings later had perfect weather. This time I brought my lightweight spin fishing kit in my pack and hoped to land some trout while up at the lakes. Conditions were so perfect, that I made it up to the lakes 45 minutes faster than the first attempt. I was feeling great and excited to be able to spend a bit of time relaxing at the lakes this time instead of hiding from the lightning and rain.

I caught at least one brook trout from each of the 3 lakes, so I was satisfied. I filtered some lake water, and headed back down to the parking area and back to my hotel to clean up and put in another work day. What a great trip.

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