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The Arizona National Scenic Trail

This 800 mile trail travels north/south through the center of Arizona from Mexico to Utah, and includes a total of 43 identified “passages” that connect through all of Arizona’s biological and geological diversity.

I started section hiking this trail on the weekends with a friend who was on schedule to finish the entire trail by May 2018.  By the end of my 3rd trip with him, it was time to start planning longer segments of this trail, including more solo hikes which I have come to enjoy very much.

I separated out each hike as its own write-up.  Some are just day hikes, and others are multiple days at a time.  I hoped to complete this trail, time and work permitting, by the end of 2019 or sooner but that got sidetracked with a stroke that I’m working to recover from and eventually finish this trail.

Interactive Maps - BOTH travel directions in separate maps below...

NOW INCLUDES MAZATZAL ALTERNATE bypass route (unofficial)

Interactive Map – how to use

On a PC, drag the map around and zoom in/out.  On a mobile device, use 2 fingers to move the map around and to pinch for zoom.  Click or tap on a track or a waypoint dot for more details about that feature.  Mouse or finger slide over the elevation profile graph and look to see where that point is located on the map as you move along it.

Click the white arrow in the lower right corner of the main map to expand a mini-map that gives reference to the surrounding area around it.

Download this map file for your own use:

Download the tracks and waypoints files in various different formats via clicking the small icons on the top right corner (GPX, GeoJSON, KML, or GeoRSS) and saving to your computer/mobile.  GPX format is the most versatile, and has all track and waypoint data.  The KML download feature currently is only providing some waypoints, but no track data.

Mouse over this icon (if visible) in the upper right corner of the map to get an option to select an individual track section for which you’d like to see details, or to see it on the elevation profile graph below the map.  (for maps with multiple tracks only)

Arizona Trail passages that I've hiked so far...

Arizona Trail 2018 - Passages 4-5

3 of us spent 3 days and 2 nights with casual daily miles on this section. Night 2 was spent at Kentucky Cabin thanks to a reservation ahead of time. April 20-22, 2018
40.7 Miles

Arizona Trail 2018 - Passage 29

A shorter passage of the AZT, but a hiking partner and I decided to use it as a good overnighter gear and camp routine shakedown without having to put in so many miles. April 14-15, 2018
17.35 Miles
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